Loss Prevention Policy

 The primary aim of an effective safety and loss prevention program is to protect the life, health and safety of all personnel and eliminate the possibility of damage to property and equipment while undertaking a specified project. Operations management is responsible for the implementation of the company's loss control program. It is a corporate commitment that accidents causing injuries to people, damage to properties, or loss of products are to be prevented. To achieve this objective, the following principles and practices are to be applied: 

  • A safe work environment is provided by careful design of new facilities, purchase of safe equipment and by elimination of Hazards In Situations where danger and hazards are part of the project and inevitable the harmful effects are minimized through environmental controls, training on safe work method, and by enforcing the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Sufficient qualified manpower shall be provided to meet the operations, maintenance and services requirements.
  • Employees are continuously trained to develop and maintain the skills acquired which are required in their work. 
  • Inculcate to employees their personal responsibility and liability to prevent injury to himself, others, and damage to property. 
  • Communication between employees and supervisors is encouraged to expedite handling of suggestions for the elimination of work hazards. The upward communication system is ensured to be always available to facilitate safety suggestions.
  • All effective motivation methods are employed to encourage employee participation in loss prevention. 
Supervisors conduct frequent inspection in respective work areas with the intent to locate any hazardous or unsafe conditions that may exist and accordingly eliminate or advise corrective actions.