Safety Policy

Al Adwani Contracting and Trading Company Limited always consider safety in the very top priority at all times. It is the policy of Al Adwani Contracting and Trading Company Limited that not one single employee is put at risk or endangered by any procedure or standard practices. The company will abide by all letters of Saudi Government regulations, Client's Safety regulations published before, after or within any contract. When conflicts arise between S.A.G regulations and the Client's regulations, then strict ones prevail. No employee is allowed to operate any powered machinery without a S.A.G License, if required. All managerial and supervisory staff of all levels is always reminded to enforce safety and wellbeing of employees, in addition to productivity. It is also advised that when they are in doubt about safety standards prevailing on site, then contact or consult the Loss Prevention representative.

Our Management sets a high standard for employee's safety, Health and Welfare Protection. Production and Safety on site are vital criteria to ensure work execution in properly manner. Recognizing these in the best interest of modern management practices, Al AdwaniContracting and Trading Company Limited is continuously working on:

  • The application of the safety Rules and Regulations, General Instruction, Codes and Procedures as set by the Client.
  • Constant adherence to safe operating procedures and practices so as to ensure effective control against accidents and illnesses.
  • Providing an adequate and safe place to accommodate our personnel on site with portable water, first aid facilities and proper sanitation.
  • To educate all personnel on safety methods, procedures, using personnel protective equipment, and existing restrictions prevailing on site. 
  • Conduct ten-minute safety discussions, organized and implemented by each crew supervisor every working day. Minutes of the meeting will be forwarded to Client Representative.