Dry Type Transformers


Al Adwani's Dry Transformer is committed in satisfying each customer's need with quality, customized designed transformer while maintaining a shortest lead-time. For over 20 years of experience with ISO-9001-2008 certified, we are proud to share that client's requirements are met in just a finger-snap.

We offer wide range of Dry Type Transformers manufactured from India for our valued clients all over Middle East and African Countries. Besides having a high quality product, our Dry Transformer also possess reliability, fire resistance, maintenance free, and durability, which make a primary choice of every client.


1.     Fire Resistant
2.     Maintenance Free
3.     Can be located closer to the electrical load
4.     Echo-Friendly
5.     Easy Installation
6.     Higher Lifetime Expectancy

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Contact Person : Jishar Babu - Business Development Manager
Contact Number :+966534551107
E-mail : jishar@aladwanigroup.com


    Power plants
    Manufacturing process

    Three limb core construction is used. Core sheets are made from cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) silicon steel sheets. Fibre- glass tape banding hold the core tight and reduce the noise level. Treatment given to the completed core protect it from atmospheric corrosion.

    Both the HV and LV windings are made from copper conductors. On the LV side copper foil is used depending on current to be carried.The advantages of these windings are reduction of  extra losses, balanced temperature distribution within the winding and high short circuit capability.On the HV side, this is the heart of dry type transformers. The production of HV applications only using vaccum-encapsulated moulds. The interconnection between HV phases are obtained by links made out of copper tubes with their ends  formed into lugs.

    Protection against overload or high winding temperature can be provided by thermistors. Alarm and trips are also provided. 

Routine testing
    The required routine tests are carried out in plant by trained personnel using modern, calibrated digital test equipment.

    These tests includes;
        Ratio and vector group
        Insulation resistance
        Applied voltage
        Induced overvoltage
        No load loss
        Full load loss
        Partial discharge

    1.We can design and manufacture dry type / Cast resin transformers up to 7.5 mva for all applications; industrial, commercial, institutional, indoor,outdoor,power distribution, drive rectifier, even for heavy duty traction.

    2. 36kv system highest voltage

    3. Temperature class F or H

    4. Indoor or outdoor applications

    5. Degree of protection IP00 to IP45

Expert in designing and manufacturing of customized Cast Resin / Dry Type /  Resin Impregnated transformers up to 7.5MVA, 11/22/33 KV.  The Dry Type Transformer manufactured by AMES, is produced by epoxy resin vacuum casting. These resin electrical lines include, but is not limited to; Distribution of Transformers, Rectifying Transformers, High Current Transformer, Single-Phase Transformer, and Dual-Ratio substations.

Products are manufactured in INDIA and internationally approved by ISO: 9001:2008,IS 2026,IS:111771 and IEC 726.


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